"I don't sell sessions, I sell results!"
Kevin has been working in the fitness and sports therapy field since 1995. He is a fitness expert with multiple nationally recognized certifications, as well as a NYS-LMT. Kevin understands how the body works and what to do to keep it in excellent condition. He uses science, passion, and experience to develop personalized plans for his clients.
SPORTS THERAPY: Supports injury prevention and recovery. Uses compression, manual massage, and active release techniques.
FITNESS: Personal training sessions via Zoom and in person. One-on-one training sessions are short but intense (20-40 minutes) and clients feel the burn without overexertion. Sessions include one or more of the following: cardio, resistance training, and sports therapy.
Kevin's latest passion is Myofire, a fitness platform designed to support busy people who want to stay healthy and in shape. He has worked at Equinox, David Barton Gym, various tennis clubs and chiropractic offices, as well as his own personal gym in New York City's Chelsea Hotel. He has served a variety of clients, including international celebrities and Fortune 500 CEOs, as well as pro-football players and professional ballet dancers. Don't worry, he has worked with weekend warriors and soccer moms, too! Over the years, Kevin has been featured on the CBS Morning Show, Page Six and Cindy Adam's column in the NY POST, NEXT Magazine, and has written a daily fitness column for AMNY.